23 Entryways Into My Mind, Portal 6: The Museum of Viral Memory and 23E Studios
July 12 - August 3, 2008

In the Disembody mission statement, the Museum of Viral Memory (MVM) derides the culture industry for standardizing the needs of its consumers. MVM member, Lee Pembleton states, "We must bring the element of hope into Fine Art, as positive solution instead of a critique." As a response, their project is set to present an art work as a rhizomatic and vibrant form, which would operate similar to a living subject. For members of MVM, rethinking art production in this way is a hopeful process. It is a way to consider its communal aspect that often attracts people out of isolation. Part of this process has been the founding of 23E Studios to mobilize their endeavor. As a result 23E Studios becomes an outsourcing shop where concerns about reception and consumption tend to trump those of artistic production.

On July 12, 2008, 23E Studios will showcase this experiment in Los Angeles at Fringe Exhibitions; their goal being to suggest that value, production, and celebrity are collective enterprises that are both orchestrated and participated in by audiences and actors alike. What will be witnessed and documented is how each artist's contributions are interconnected, stylistically, and thematically, through a complex web of productions incorporating a full-length film and musical score, marketing strategy, and a site-specific construction. What is perhaps more intriguing is the active embracing of project management duties, architectural planning, and the fundraising of a for-profit entity. Throughout the production of Disembody, 23E Studios lays bare threads of ambition, innovation, and hubris, as each are engaged with and recognized for their risk in the art world.For more details visit www.23ESTUDIOS.com.

The Museum of Viral Memory (MVM) was founded in 2000 by three musicians sharing a passion for conceptual composition and contemporary art. Since then the organization has grown and shrunk as projects have demanded. At the core of every project, however, lies a profound belief in the process of creation as a social act; a curiosity with how art making can be musical. Members of The MVM have performed their works around the world, including two performances at The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C. 23E Studios was initiated by The MVM in 2007 to create the documentary/art film, Disembody. Since then the group has embarked on several additional projects, becoming its own full-fledged film production company. It was recently acquired in a hostile takeover by Nightmare City.